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Making Dreams Come True

Your wedding is forever. 

It's the first day of the rest of your life, and we know you want it to be perfect! 

You’ve planned and dreamt of all the important components - 

the dress, the venue, the catering, the dreaded guestlist

(and no, your strange uncle from Poffadder does not have to attend!)... 

But have you remembered the element that brings it all together? (aside from your love that is) 



The soundtrack to this day is what sets the mood, it brings a little fun or maybe something nostalgic.

It lifts the energy for that final toast, and carries you across the dance floor for your first dance.

The music binds your family and friends together on this day of celebration and gives beauty to a ceremony

that is as ancient as the hills. 

And we want to help you make it perfect.

Juliet Harding

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Wedding Embrace



Wedding Aisle

The Ceremony

 I do! 

The moment we are all here for, a declaration of your love and a memory that you and your family will have forever. 

As you’re walking down the aisle what do you hear? 

Is it a classical quartet playing the iconic wedding march or something a little different?

Your favourite song performed on acoustic guitar or the beautiful sounds of a harpist…

There are some wonderful options to help shape your ceremony into the moment you dreamt ofand we’re here to help make that happen.

Outdoor Wedding


Clink Clink! 

Whilst you’re having your photos taken, your guests may be relaxing

with drinks and snacks before everyone moves over to the reception.

This is a great opportunity to amplify your theme - if you’ve chosen one,

or to create a gentle ambience with some background music.

We’ve facilitated some exceptional talent over the years - from dj’s playing laid back Ibithan beats to intimate jazz trio’s.

We make sure the mood is enhanced by the music.

Wedding Band Stage

The Reception

Boom Boom!

There are 3 phases

to the culmination of your special day!

Background music for dinner:

As your guests are enjoying dinner an intimate jazz band can perform or your DJ can spin your Wedding Playlist 

Your first dance:

This is always a highlight moment and a specialty of ours! We’ve tailored some extraordinary first dances, with incredible acts performing your favourite song.

That coupled with our exclusive special effects has made for some spectacular dances!

The After Party: Its all razzle dazzle from here on out! Dance the night away with a live band or your favourite DJ! Or trust us to put together entertainment that will blow your socks off! 


Wedding DJ

Full Package

A fully bespoke service where we help you choose the perfect entertainment for your wedding.

Tailoring every detail, from the Ceremony to the After Party, we will ensure your specific requirements are met and exceeded! 

Wedding Celebration

Partial Package

We help you select entertainment for your wedding from our repertoire of available acts. 

We ensure you have the correct technical requirements to ensure a successful performance. 

Lake Party

Ad Hoc Hire

We assist with an individual artist booking or Technical requirements. 

Private Parties


Pregnant Woman

Gender Reveals

It's a new celebration in South Africa, but one that is growing in popularity. 

Bar Mitzvah Boy

Bar Mitzvahs

Let us help you find the perfect act for this momentous occasion! 

Event Image

Private Events

It might be a special birthday or an anniversary, celebrating friends or family visiting from overseas or a unique dinner party. We've got you covered.

Corporate Events


Conference Image


Conferences can be exhausting mentally - entertainment can play a key role in ensuring your attendees are energised for the whole experience. 

Party Tent Image

Corporate Parties

Celebrating an amazing year or new mergers. Your business deserves the best acts to fully capitalize on this special event. 

Outdoor Party

Employee Fun Days

Sometimes is about remembering how hard everyone has been working, recognising that we all need to let our hair down together every now and again! 

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